"Thanksgiving and Thanksliving" by Doug Fincher

Inasmuch as you did it to the least of these my brothers, little ones, you did it to me….” Matt. 25:35

November 21, 2022 - Deacon Jones was the most consistent and dependable deacon in my West Texas pastorate. He never missed a service, he served on the Finance and Usher’s Committees and never missed a meeting. His dress, home, automobile and lawn were immaculately neat. He was Chairman of the Deacons and was known for his prayers of thanks.

But none of us dared to be seen in public with him. His intimidation of waitresses, nurses, bankers and grocery clerks was well-documented in our town. After blessing the food one day, he shouted at the waitress, “You brought me cold coffee! Get out of my sight and don’t let me see your face again!” And his unconscionable mistreatment of his hospital nurses was an embarrassment to us… and to God.

I’m sure Deacon Jones was taught to say “thank you” while growing up. But saying and praying “thank you” is meaningless hypocrisy when we have no consideration for our fellow man. God, who sees in the darkness and the light, is not fooled by our unsubstantiated prayers of thanks.

“Thanks-giving” means nothing if we’re not “thanks-living.”