By Doug Fincher

“Spot Didn’t Return the Third Time” By Doug Fincher

September 7, 2020 - I photographed this beautiful Painted Bunting for two consecutive years.  I named him “Spot,” and after meeting ..and feeding him…for those years in The Sand Hills of East Texas near Center, Texas, he would flutter above my head while I fed him his millet. I wrote several stories about watching him when he returned from Central America every year. But he didn’t return the third time.

“The First Time I Used A Phone” by Doug Fincher

June 15, 2020 - I was in the fourth Grade when I heard a phone ringing in Principal Oran Wheeler’s office one day. Seeing no one was around, I did something I’d never done. Since we didn’t have a phone --- and I had never used one --- I (with fear and trembling) picked it up and did what I’d seen others do. I said “Hello.” When a lady asked me to get Principal Wheeler to the phone, I was a Paul Revere racing down the hall with the good news.


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