"A Dollar from God" by Doug Fincher

“Your Father knows your needs…” Matt. 6:8

October 31, 2022 - While hitch-hiking home from seminary in 1955, a kind motorist gave me a ride from Springfield, Mo. to Mena, Arkansas. I was hungry and looked forward to a meal at Mother’s when I got home. As I “thumbed” for another ride, an elderly man approached me from a nearby house.

Smiling and patting me on the back, he said, “Son, the Lord has sent this to you,” and he handed me a silver dollar. After thanking him… and the Lord… I ordered a 35 cent hot dog at a nearby café. 

I’ve often wondered about that elderly man. How could he have possibly known I was broke? But I don’t guess he really had to know…

…as long as God did.