"Squirrel" by Doug Fincher

"Cast all your anxieties on the Lord for He cares for you...." I Peter 5:7

October 17, 2022

My brother Joe who lives in Orange, Texas has a pet squirrel. She’s three years old and her name is “Squirrel”. When I called him yesterday and asked what he was doing he sighed, “Oh, sitting here with Squirrel in my lap.” “She’s got the warmest feet”. “The Lord’s taught me a lot through Squirrel.”

Joe and Squirrel have a close relationship. When he goes to the barn, she runs to him…runs up his back and sits on his shoulder. “If I shell her pecan, she’ll eat it, but when I give her a whole one, she buries it in the ground.” “I raised her on Half and Half.” “She sat on my shoulder while I sharpened a saw blade yesterday and the noise and sparks never fazed her. “She has complete faith in me and knows I’ll take care of her. She goes to her special nest in the barn when the weather’s bad.”

“Squirrel” is so very fortunate to have someone taking such good care of her.

And so are we.