“The Purse” By Doug Fincher

February 17, 2020 - When Audrey Wells got to church Sunday, everyone said, “Look, Audrey’s got a new purse!” (Audrey is known for her beautiful purses) She showed us her tan “Born Concept” purse and said, “I bought it at Beall’s Going Out of Business Sale in Center yesterday.” “I got a ninety dollar purse for thirty dollars.”” Within an hour, we were in the Center Beall’s Store where Pam bought their last Born Concept purse.

Pam slides her purse next to the console and when I want something from it, she hands it to me without ever taking her eyes off the road. When I complimented her for having such sensitive fingers, she said “I can even feel the difference between a five dollar bill and a ten dollar bill…just by feeling them”. I breathed a deep sigh of relief when she laughed and said she was just kidding. 

The more I thought about purses Sunday, the guiltier I felt about my attitude toward them. I took a bite-size piece of candy from the glove box one day and as I was madly trying to rip the stubborn wrapper off, she handed me a pair of scissors from her purse and never said a word. When we get to the Houston VA Hospital, she hands me my ID card, when I need an aspirin or lotion for my hands, all I have to do is say so. I’ve never opened her purse in the thirty years we’ve been married, but have often wondered why it’s so heavy. 

So after I thought things over last week, I’ve decided to be more “Purse-Conscious. And I fully realize that it’s not Pam’s purse that has taken such good care of me all these years.

It’s Pam.