“The Water Moccasin” By Doug Fincher

January 20, 2020 - Back in 1975, I moved back to Mauricevile, Texas and opened a Gun Shop on Highway 12. My daughter Caralee was a high school senior and we rented Orange County Sheriff Chester Holt’s “Little Green Rent House” close to my shop. One day as I was talking on the phone with Dolly Pearcy discussing plans for her daughter’s wedding, Caralee screamed from the utility room, “Dad!!—Water Moccasin!” I told Dolly that Caralee had seen a snake and that I’d call her back later.

I raced back to the utility room and found Caralee STANDING ON THE CLOTHES DRYER DOOR with a four-foot chicken snake coiled up beneath her. After removing the snake, Caralee revived, but our dryer door was bent beyond repair.

Caralee has traveled through several countries, lives today in The Catskills of New York and has found snakes everywhere she has lived. But even though all water Moccasins’ are snakes, all snakes are not Water Moccasins. But don’t try to convince her of that because until this very day, if it’s a snake ---

……it’s a Water Moccasin.