“Abandon Christmas?” by Doug Fincher

“Christ was born in Bethlehem…” Matt. 2:1
December 23, 2019 - When a pastor recently informed me that the Christmas celebration was sinful, it rang an all-too-familiar bell. His reasons were not new. Every year some well-meaning people encourage us to scratch the Christmas holiday. “We don’t know when Christ was born”… “Ivy and mistletoe were used in worship of the Greek god, Bacchus”… “Mistletoe was associated with Druidical rites”… “Ancient pagans decorated trees.”

Every day of our week and every planet in our solar system were named after pagan gods. Our national symbol is the filthy, cruel eagle and many of our sports teams are named after cruel animals or pagan gods. Should we refuse to acknowledge our planets and the days of the week? Should we abolish American sports because of their team names?

What my friend said about the date of our Lord’s birth and the resemblance of Christmas to ancient pagan rites is true. But what are idols and pagan gods? The Apostle Paul said they are nothing and were “no gods”. To abolish Christmas because of past pagan practices is whipping a dead horse.

Christmas comes after the shortest day of the year, December 21st. The days start lengthening and the sun recommences its upward course telling us that spring and summer are coming. Can we not feel the thrill, the flow and the triumph of this day?

Christmas never harmed anyone. The only objection I have to it is that it comes only once a year. We need to thank God that we live to see this Christmas…

… and pray that its lights never be extinguished.