“All You Care To Eat” by Doug Fincher

…be temperate and self-controlled…”  Titus 2:2

April 17, 2017 - Pam and I photographed and dined in Louisiana's Cajun country last week. The New Iberia “Shoney’s” breakfast sign read: “All You Care to Eat”… $5.95” instead of the usual “All You Can Eat”. And I thought: “how clever…and how appropriate!” Three weeks later we saw posted in front of the Cedar Tree Restaurant in Jasper, Texas the same sign: “All you care to eat”. Hey, it’s catching on!

I always feel a little ill at ease when I eat in one of those “All You Can Eat” places. I feel like I would if I entered a bar to buy a coke or a porn store to buy a Reader’s Digest. It would look like everyone was there for the same purpose. 

Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins but many neither consider it deadly nor sinful. Since that Cajun sign reminded me to eat modestly instead of all I could, it not only profited me…

…it profited the Shoney owners, too.