“Angels Don’t Smoke Cigars”

March 28, 2016 - “Show love to strangers for some have entertained angels unaware…”   Heb. 13:2

I recently told a friend about an experience Pam and I had last year in Colorado. We were caught in a blizzard near the peak of Mt. Elbert causing our truck and trailer to slid backwards and almost over a precipice.

Eventually we got into the trailer, opened a can of soup and checked our food and gas supply to see how long we could weather the storm.   But our wait wasn’t long. Within an hour, we heard an approaching vehicle and suddenly a snow plow pulled along side us. “You folks need help?”, the driver hollered.  Moments later, we were sitting safely at the base of Colorado’s highest mountain.

I finished the story by telling my friend that I had also gotten a picture of the man who helped us. “That’s wonderful,” she remarked, “Because he wasn’t a man…he was an angel”.   As I fumbled for an appropriate reply, she continued, “You know, angels can take many forms.”

“You can say that again”, I laughed.  “This one had a mustache and smoked a cigar!”