“Anybody Can Fish” by Doug Fincher

Follow me and I will make you fishers of men…” Matt. 4:19

April 4, 2017 - A lady complaining about her husband’s fishing too much demanded that he find something more challenging to do. “Anyone can fish”, she said.

That reminds me of a trip my brother Joe and I made years ago to the Sabine Game Refuge in Louisiana. We let his son Michael and my daughter Amber fish while we watched. The crosswalk was overflowing with fishermen that day but the only ones that caught anything were our children. You could just see the frustration on the faces of the other fishermen as Michael and Amber pulled in one after another. In two hours we left with our igloo cooler packed with fish.

Fishing for fish and fishing for men are a lot alike. Some Christians catch many while others catch nothing. Some that never catch anything think if they fish in one place long enough, they’ll eventually catch something. But they won’t if they’re fishing in the wrong place or if they’re using the wrong bait. Christians need to know how to fish for men. We are taught when, where, and how in God’s Word. 

The lady complaining about her husband was right: Anybody can fish.

But it takes know-how to catch them.