“Back To The Good Life” by Doug Fincher

“Listen to me and eat what is good....”  Isaiah 55:2
May 30, 2016 - Last week Pam and I went on the Dr. Adkin’s no- carbohydrates diet.  Pam thinks she needs to lose and I know I do. (She needs to lose five pounds and I need to lose 25).    She got the program off the Internet and we drove to the Nacogdoches Wal-Mart Superstore for the steak, pork chops, bacon, sausage, cheese, eggs, tuna and salmon needed for the big diet.  We even bought a gas grill to assure its finest flavor.
Our first meal of grilled sausage links and pork chops was pretty good, but for three successive mornings, I awakened with the nauseous thought of cheese and meat.  On the fourth day of the diet, I unconsciously picked up a pecan in the yard and began eating it. “Stop!, Pam hollered.  “You can’t eat that!”  And our next door neighbor added to our pain by bringing over an coconut cake.
We spent hours cooking this stuff every day and the more we cooked and ate, the less we smiled and laughed. When I told Pam that I’d had a couple of dizzy spells, she immediately decided that the diet wasn’t worth losing our health over.  I peeled an over-ripe banana and let it melt in my mouth and she took a bite and sighed, “Oh, how wonderful”.  “Bring out the cake!” I laughed.  We happily   drank kiwi-orange drink and gobbled down grapes as our world became beautiful again.   Our house was filled with laughter and whistling.
A warm sense of well-being swept over us tonight as we ate purple hull peas and cornbread together.   Tomorrow morning I’ll make Pam a cup of hot chocolate and I’ll eat a big bowl of Wheaties with a banana in it. Tomorrow night, we’ll have microwave popcorn.   Boy, are things looking up!
It’s great to have the good life back again!