“Counting and Measuring” by Doug Fincher

"Lie not one to another…" Colossians 3:9

July 26, 2021 - In the 60's Charles Johnson invited James Cannon and me to a squirrel hunt on the Alabama-Coushatta Indian Reservation.

We began the day with breakfast at a Woodville Café and got to our woods about an hour before daylight. As we sat around the fire, Charles bit off a chunk of Red Bull tobacco and began telling stories about his hunts on the Reservation.

"Did I tell y'all about my last year's hunt?" "Three of us killed over 600 squirrels in two days"… "and we killed the biggest timber rattler I've ever seen." "He was twelve feet long and was almost six inches wide." I tried to hide my 'I can't believe-it' look and noticed James was trying to hide his, too. And the longer Charles talked, the taller his tales got.

We returned from our hunt that evening with a total of four squirrels… and no snakes. After church the next Sunday, I called Charles' wife to the side and asked her what she thought about her husband's tall tales. "Oh," she laughed. "He's always done that." "But don't worry about him, Brother Doug… he's not lying… he believes those stories." "And besides that," she added…

"Charles never was no good at counting and measuring anyway…"