“Going Out to Find Them” By Doug Fincher

July 12, 2021 - “Go into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in…” Matt. 14:23
My brother John (who lives in Huxley, Texas) is the world’s best quail hunter. At least he was when Shelby County had quail to hunt.
Back in the seventies, he took his dogs, “Queen” and “Bird,” and hunted them almost every day of the season. And John could not only find them, but knew when they were about to fly, which direction they’d fly, and by touching their droppings, tell you how long the covey had been gone. He made his whistles from Garrett snuff cans and could get the wildest birds to answer him.
Reading books on how to find souls for Christ won’t bring in a harvest, and just praying about it won’t, either. If we want to be good hunters for the Lord, we’ll have to do what John did.

We’ll have to hunt for them.