“It Ain't No Big Deal” by Doug Fincher

I was sick and you looked after me....” Matt. 25:36

June 21, 2021 - My brother John and his wife Shirley have lived many years in the Huxley area on Toledo Bend. They’ve worked hard growing hydroponic tomatoes, baling hay, raising cattle and caring for their rental property.

During my month in the hospital some years ago, they were especially kind to Pam and Me. John fished in the rain to catch fish to fry for me. And Shirley, one of the world’s greatest cooks, brought me many of my favorite foods: cornbread, buttermilk, pinto beans, and a cocoanut cake “made from scratch.”

When everything looks grim and everyone’s predicting doom and disaster, Shirley has a favorite saying to lift our spirits: “It aint no big deal.”

Hobbling into their house a few weeks after getting out of the hospital, I began thanking her and John for what they’d done. “Thanks for the food, Shirley...I appreciate all the times you all visited me... thanks for helping Pam.... for John’s mowing our grass and picking up Caralee at the airport.... and getting the Sonic slushes...”

She seemed preoccupied as I tearfully poured out my heart. Then, she quietly sighed: “It aint no big deal, Doug.”

But I knew it was.