“Praying On My Way Home” By Doug Fincher

February 11, 2019 - “Pray without ceasing.”  1 Thessalonians 5:

In 1949, Daddy moved our family of eight children to a house on the Shelbyville Hill. It was a good year for me: I had been converted in a tent revival that year and George Smith had given me a job taking up tickets at The Rio Theater in Center. I was able to hitch-hike to work every Saturday and hitch-hiked back home around midnight.  I would be dropped off on the hilltop where the old cotton gin used to be and walked the 100 yard walk to the house in total darkness.  I I could see neither the road nor the dark ditches on each side.

So I prayed all the way home…that God would hold my hand and keep me from falling in the ditches.  I was learning that praying in dark times was a lot easier than praying when the sun was shining.  And who would believe that in 1990…fifty years later…we moved back…not just to East Texas…but to Shelbyville’s First Baptist Church.  And the sanctuary sets precisely at the mouth of that dark road I walked years ago.  I’m an old feller now and God still holds my hand and guides my feet…..

…………. and I’m still praying on my way home.