“Walking the Rails” by Doug Fincher

"I am with you always….." Matthew 28:20 

May 21, 2018 - As I was growing up, we lived near the railroad tracks in Center, Texas. They were dangerous and illegal to walk, but my brothers and I always got to our fishing holes at Mill Creek and Weaver's Pond by walking on these rails. In time we became quite good at balancing on them for long distances. 

My brother Joe and I were recently bragging to each other on how good we were at it when he asked how far I thought we could have gotten if they'd been ten feet off the ground. "Then we couldn't have walked them", I replied.

When I was fourteen, I attended a tent revival in Center, Texas and got on the high rails to heaven. Many times since that night, I almost lost my balance and would have most surely fallen off….

…had Jesus not walked them with me.