“What We Learn in Kindergarten” By Doug Fincher

June 14, 2021 - My niece Margaret Youngblood teaches kindergarten children at the First Methodist Church Day school in Center, Texas. We do their graduation pictures every year and it’s always a real fun thing for us.

I figured that Margaret was just a babysitter for these kids, but she set me straight last week. “We teach them to say thank you, to share their toys with others, to pick up their toys, to take a nap every day, to always flush, to say I’m sorry, to eat their vegetables and to always tell the truth…”

And as I started thinking about these basic little things taught to these youngsters, it occurred to me how big these little things are. I’ve always advised my children (and others) through the years: “Get a high school education, attend college, and learn all you can…" and it was good advice.

After considering all the people I’ve known through the years and what children are taught in kindergarten, I’ve come to an obvious conclusion. It’s not really what we learn in schools of higher learning that assures our future success.

It’s what we learned in kindergarten.