2015-2016 Panola College Foundation Members

September 22, 2015 - On September 16, the 2015-2016 Panola College Foundation Board gathered in the Murphy Payne Community Room to conduct a quarterly business meeting and welcome new members. The Panola College Foundation was formed to support and promote the mission and vision of Panola College, to seek and obtain gifts for the advancement of Panola College, and to assist the students of Panola College by providing fellowships and scholarships. In addition, the Foundation also seeks to increase community awareness of the programs and accomplishments of the College and to promote excellence in education.

This year’s board members are (L to R) Mr. Joe Reed, Mrs. Patricia Smith, Mr. Richard Ballenger, Mr. Bobby Phillips, Mr. Gene Giles – Vice Chair, Mrs. Kathleen Kruebbe, Mr. Jonathan Perlman, Mrs. Brenda Giles, Mrs. Fannie Watson, Mr. Robert Sherman – Chair, Ms. Carolyn Murphy, Mrs. Sandy Payne, Ms. Sharon Ivey, Mr. Phillip Grimes – Secretary, Dr. Greg Powell, Mr. Ray Schieffer. Not shown: Mr. Matthew Pool, Dr. Dennis Golden, Mrs. Kathrine Ripper, Mr. Steve Williams and Mrs. Jessica Pace