2021 East Texas Poultry Festival Art Show Awards

October 12, 2021 - The Poultry Festival Art Show committee announces the 2021 East Texas Poultry Festival Art Show awards.

2nd Grade Art:
1st place – Gentry Nelams
2nd place – Mason Snider
3rd place – Canyon Anthony
Honorable Mention: Kamille Windham, Ross Keele, Allie Windham, Tenley Snell, Manuel Herrera, Gunner Thornburgh, Kyla Warren and Rylee Thornton

3rd Grade Art:
1st place – Korbin Bridges
2nd place – Steven Smith and Macy Mince (Tie)
3rd place – Landon Hodges
Honorable Mention:  Justice Boyd, Payton Allen, Eduardo Jasso, Kain Matthews, Brylee Lister, Michael Matthews, Cash Bell, Saylor Crelia and Aymar Hernandez

Youth Art:
1st place – Lily Creel
2nd place - Anna Lewis
3rd place – Anna Lewis
Honorable Mention – Emma Lewis

Adult Art: 1st place - Wanda Hagler

Stitch Art: 1st place - Mary Fausett

Canning: 1st place - Ginger Garrett

1st place - Bo Warran
Honorable Mention - Frankie DeSoto