Across The Preacher’s Desk

October 6, 2022 - If you remember reading Paul’s letter to the church at Rome, he had a burning desire to preach the gospel in the Capital city,.  In Acts chapter 27, we find Paul on his way to Rome, yet he is going as a prisoner.  While there, he would have a great success and members of Caesar’s household would be converted.

However, the voyage to Rome was not without incident.   A great storm occurred which threatened to tear the ship in pieces.  The crew struggled to keep the ship afloat.  They lightened the load by throwing everything overboard that was expendable.   They went for days upon days not being able to eat.

Yet, in the midst of it all, Paul stood upon the deck of the ship and told them to be of good cheer.  He did not tell them to be of good cheer because of the seaworthiness of the vessel.  They were not to be of good cheer because of the experience and dedication of the crew.  They were to be of good cheer because the Lord had promised Paul that there would be no loss of life.  Paul said, “Be of good cheer, for I believe God.”

The faith that sustained Paul on that voyage and in that storm can sustain us in the storms of life.  Whatever storm may be blowing through our lives, we can be of good cheer, for “we believe God”.  Like the words of that old familiar song, “Be not dismayed, what-er be tide, God will take care of you”, and He will.

It’s something to think about. . . tbp

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