Across the Preacher’s Desk: “Down In The Dumps”

November 11, 2021 - Most of us have our bad days. On those days, our every act, our every thought, our every spoken sentence seems to have a “but”, a “can’t” a “don’t”, or such like. On those days, we are at our worst. We fret about our health and our circumstances and we pity ourselves to the very verge of tears.

But what do we get out of it? Well, we get misery and worry. By compounding every problem and considering every obstacle, we make matters worse than they are.

So, why do we beat ourselves up when we get “down in the dumps”? Because we momentarily lose our perspective. We magnify things out of proportion so that they overwhelm us and upset us. Yet, we can quickly get rid of negative thoughts. We must switch our will power to the positive current. Once we do, we will notice an improvement almost immediately.

One by one, count your blessings in health, wealth, home, family and other areas of life. Think about all the things that are right in your life instead of all those things that are wrong. It is just as easy to be constructive and positive as it is to be destructive and negative.

So the next time you are “down in the dumps” and having a bad day, do something about it! Take a walk, chat with a neighbor or undertake a worthwhile project. Before you know it, the weight of the world will be lifted from your shoulders.

It’s something to think about… tbp

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