Across the Preacher’s Desk: The Birth of The Church

July 5, 2019 - There are very few who are unaware that Pentecost was the birthday of the New Testament Church. However, there never would have been Pentecost with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit like the Apostles had if the upper room had been like the habits of so many in our day and time. If the attitude of the upper room had been like today, then the New Testament record might have read like this:

“The meeting was called for the first day of the week; but so many things interfered that of the company of 120 only 40 were able to be in attendance. Peter and his wife had bought a cottage on Lake Galilee and were away from the hot city over the weekend. Bartholomew had guests and of course could not come. Philip and his family had been up late the night before and overslept. Andrew had a business conference about a new fishing boat. James had to stay home and cut the grass.”

All of that raises a question does it not? If the church would never have been born under those circumstances, then how can it possibly survive, much less grow under those circumstances?

That’s why people need to be part of the local church and involved in the work of the local church. Until members of the body of Christ contribute a sense of vitality to the Lord’s church, the world will continue to heckle our “faith” as a popular indoor sport. 

So, how much responsibility do you feel toward the local church?

It’s something to think about… tbp

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