Across the Preacher’s Desk: How Many Loaves Have Ye?

March 25, 2021 - We read in Mark chapter 6 that Jesus and the disciples were trying to get away from the crowd of people for a little peace and quiet. They needed some R & R as we would say. Yet, Mark tells us the multitude followed and Jesus spent the day teaching them. The “day was far spent”, evening was coming, and the great crowd of people needed to be fed. In Mark chapter 6 and verse 38 Jesus asks the disciples, “How many loaves have ye?”

Jesus was not asking for information, he knew how many loaves they had. Neither was he asking because he could not feed the multitude without their loaves.  Jesus wanted those disciples then and all disciples of all ages to know that He is to bless others through them. He wanted them to know, and he wants us to know, that we must be willing to use what we have or give it into his hands that others might be blessed.

The disciples in that far off day did not have enough for themselves, but when they surrendered what they had to Jesus, it increased sufficiently to feed themselves and the multitude with more left over than they had at the beginning. It is not how much we have, but how much faith we have in what Jesus can do with what we have.

Jesus says to us, “How many loaves have ye?” We must never say or think “not enough”. When we surrender it all to Jesus, when we commit it to Him, we have more than enough. 

It’s something to think about … tbp

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