Across the Preacher’s Desk: That I May Know Him!

February 11, 2021 - There is a little obscure sentence found in Philippians 3:10 that expressed the deepest longing and desire of the apostle Paul, where he writes, “That I may know Him.” 

Paul’s deepest and most fervent longing evidently was to know Jesus better. That ought to be our deepest longing also. The knowledge of God revealed in Jesus Christ gives us a grip on the great spiritual realities. If we are to know Jesus better, then we must spend time with the book of God, the Bible. You see, it is the Bible that reveals Jesus Christ, the son of the living God to us.

Right here, right now, this very minute, how real is Jesus to you? Jesus Christ needs to be real in our lives and we need to make Him more a part of our lives.

If we are to come to know Jesus, if He is going to be real to us, there is a price to be paid to know him. Let’s be honest, everything worthwhile has a price to pay. To be a world class athlete, an individual must pay a huge price in training. To be an accomplished musician, long hours must be spent in practice. There were those in the New Testament who left everything for Jesus. Peter, Andrew, James, and John got out of the fishing business. Paul said he counted all things loss for Christ. If we want to know Jesus Christ, really know Jesus Christ, we must be willing to surrender our will to the will of Jesus and make him first in our lives.

It’s something to think about … tbp

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