Across the Preacher’s Desk: Remember Parking Meters

July 24, 2019 - When we were in Austin a few years ago, we realized that they had revived a relic from the past and installed parking meters on Congress Avenue. These were different from the ones I remembered from my younger days when you put your penny, nickel or dime into the meter and they registered your time. These took plastic and printed you a sticker to put on your windshield.

Yet, I started thinking about those old parking meters, and how people would drive around to try and find a meter that still had time left on it and park on someone else’s nickel. Then I thought, you know, there are a lot of folks who try to go through life on someone else’s nickel.

You see, there are a lot of people who are directly or indirectly benefitted by the church in their respective community who make no contribution in any way to its building or program of work. Now, bear in mind these folks would not want to live in a community without the church. The tragedy is they assume the church can live on their good wishes and are quite willing to let others furnish the cash and labor for the church to go forward and continue its program of work.

So, here is the question. Are we going through life, expecting the church to always be there for us but never willing to do anything for the church? Are we doing our part or are we parking on someone else’s nickel?

It’s something to think about...tbp 

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