Across the Preacher's Desk: Being Fair with the Church

March 5, 2020 - One of the things folks sometimes have a hard time doing is being fair with the church. There are some Christians who are very active in finding fault with the church and its faithful members.

I read once of a congregation where a new minister had just moved to  town. He busied himself in contacting inactive members and exhorting them to faithfulness. One man,in justifying himself, said, “There is very little Christianity among the members. I was sick for more than a month and not a member came to see me. The men with whom I work – men of the world – took more interest in me than the church did.

Well, that sounded really bad, so the preacher investigated. It was true, the man had been seriously ill for several weeks, and no member visited him. The preacher also learned that the man had not attended a service of the church for some six months before the illness, and no member had been notified of his illness.

When the man failed to show up for work, those with whom he worked knew something was wrong. Had he been regular in church attendance, the members would have known something was wrong when he was absent. Get the point? If we are going to criticize the church, the least we can do is be fair and honest in our criticisms of the church.

It’s something to think about...tbp

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