Additional Streets on Center Square Closed During Construction

June 5, 2020 - As the Center square remains under construction, the direction traffic is allowed to flow is ever changing.

The current situation at the intersection of Tenaha Street, Logansport Street and Nacogdoches Street where the Rio Theatre is located has traffic flowing east on Logansport Street and north on Tenaha Street; however, traffic is blocked from traveling west on Nacogdoches Street. 

Many travelers are not noticing the detour sign and are turning right onto Nacogdoches Street only to run into a barricade blocking the roadway.

This may change in the near future; however, it is possible the roadway will remain closed and drivers should consider taking an alternate route. Businesses located on Nacogdoches Street in that area still have parking and are taking customers.

The intersection of Austin Street and Nacogdoches Street has also been barricaded, preventing travel off the square from Austin Street onto Nacogdoches Street and vice versa onto Austin Street from Nacogdoches Street while pavement is cut by a saw.

Further updates will be made on Shelby County Today as work continues its progress.