Bake Sale to Benefit Dana Fountain

March 15, 2018 - Dana Fountain has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. When asked what people could do for her, this was her reply:

"I am so blessed to have so many prayers & support! I have some asking me what they can do for me. Here is what I ask: I start Chemo tomorrow and I ask that my family & friends tell/ witness to 1 person or more about JESUS! Many are Lost or out of Fellowship with God, Tell them This is my wish! Today is the day for Salvation, tomorrow is not promised! God has his reasons for my sickness & if I can reach 1 person to accept him as Savior then my sickness is so worth all this chemo & the next six months of sickness! My Cancer is not curable but treatable so let’s get on Fire for the Lord & see what he can do! All things are possible thru Christ! Please help me by helping lead someone to Christ or back in fellowship with God! My Strength comes from God Almighty & I want everyone to experience my happiness & faith of leaving my burdens with our Lord & leaving them with him! May God Bless You All & Count the Many Blessings God will Shower Upon You! We all have family & friends who are lost & need Jesus as their Savior! Let’s get busy my dear family & friends! This is Very Important to me! Love In Christ to you all!" ✝️✝️

How awesome is she? On top of becoming a widow just last year her faith is so strong!

Please share about this bake sale event and participate in it by baking or donating to help Dana with expenses she's incurring with trying to beat cancer's butt!

We will be holding a bake sale Friday, March 16th at Napa parking lot in Center, TX from 9am until 1pm. Please come out and buy some baked goods or make a donation for a great cause. Thank you!! For more information you can contact Regina Danley at 936.591.1822.