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Benefit Bake Sale for Young Family

January 27, 2020 - A benefit bake sale to help the Young Family is set for Friday, January 31st, at Napa on Hurst Street in Center from 9am to 1pm. If it rains the bake sale may move to Raymond Motor Company on San Augustine Street. Miranda (McSwain) and Corey Young recently gave birth to Layton who is having medical complications.

Here is their story, from Miranda Young:

Benefit Bake Sale for Krystal Fenley Set for Dec 6th

December 5, 2019 - There will be a bake sale from 9am until 1pm on Friday, December 6th at Napa to help out a young lady, Krystal Fenley, with medical expenses.

Krystal needs to see a specialist for her medical conditions and doesn't have insurance and can't work due to her health issues. This young woman needs medical help and I want to help her out. She is always there for anyone that needs help.

Bake Sale for Brenda McQueen Perez (Location Change)

November 22, 2019 - We will be holding a bake sale on November 22nd. Due to rain, it will now be held at Raymond Motor Company in San Augustine Street to help out Brenda McQueen Perez with medical expenses from 9am - 1pm.

Brenda struggles trying to make ends meet. She has been ill with several health problems that have, and keep on, developing, for the last 11 years. She had to quit working 8 years ago and has ended up on disability.

Bake Sale to Benefit Sherri Shofner Molitor

November 6, 2019 - A bake sale will be held on Friday, November 8th, 2019 at Napa in Center from 9-1pm to benefit Sherri Shofner Molitor.

Sherri is on a Liver transplant list and she needs help raising funds. Here is her story:

I was born and raised right here in Shelby County. I am fortunate to work for the Shelby County District Clerk's office. I don't normally post personal things on social media, but I desperately need your help. In May 2018, I was diagnosed with end stage liver failure due to Non Alcoholic (NASH) cirrhosis. 

Benefit Bake Sale for Shannon Choate

June 28, 2019 - Benefit Bake Sale Friday, June 28th at Raymond Motor Company from 9am until 1pm to help Shannon Choate. 

Larry’s Story:
Larry was diagnosed with liver cancer on March 28th. They found out May 13th the spot on his liver had tripled in size. There is no medicine or treatment at this time to help him. He also has cirrhosis so that is making his liver issue worse. He is no longer able to work because he gives out so easily. Sadly, Larry passed on May 28th. 


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