'Texans Saving Our Children' Facebook Group Raising Awareness

September 18, 2020 - A Facebook group, 'Texans Saving Our Children,' was created a couple of weeks ago by Ashley Poindexter to bring awareness to the community and to protect its children. The page challenges everyone, if you have ever wished there was something you could do, here is your chance!

  • Potentially save children from being trafficked
  • Bring awareness to your community
  • Help make this movement Large

A post on the page, "It may not sound like a whole lot right now but this is where we have to start. Lets show people that we are standing up and pushing back with everything we have."

The first thing the group is doing to raise awareness is to get the message out by way of T-Shirts, yard signs, and car decals which are available to order through Monday, September 28.

There are 6 shirt designs, 1 yard sign, and 3 car decals to choose. Local deliveries are available in Panola, Shelby, and San Augustine Counties. Shipping is available at a flat rate of $7.

Purchase a product. Share posts from the Facebook page 'Texans Saving Our Children' or make your own posts. Tell your friends and families what 'Texans Saving Our Children' is doing and why! 

For more information, view the order form.