Benefit Bake Sale for Billy, Jennifer Paddie Set for June 14th

June 13, 2019 - There will be a benefit bake sale on Friday, June 14th at Raymond Motor Co, from 9-1pm for Billy and Jennifer Paddie.

Jennifer and Billy Paddie were in an accident Saturday, May 18th. Jennifer’s seatbelt caused the vessels in her small intestine to rupture causing an obstruction. Jennifer told Rachel she was hurting on the Sunday after the accident. Rachel and Billy became alarmed and took her to the emergency room. They sent her to Tyler where they put her in ICU. The pain was so bad they decided to do exploratory surgery. They had to remove a large portion of Jennifer’s intestine and could not close so they could monitor for 48 hours in case the doctor had to go back in to see if more intestines would have to be removed. Please pray that they don’t have to remove more. We are lucky she is still alive!

Jennifer continues to have pain and is now back in the hospital. Prayers, please, for this family. Billy needs to have surgery on his shoulder, but will not until Jennifer is better.

For more info contact Regina at 936-591-1822.