Benefit for Dianne Livingston Rescheduled to March 1st

Rescheduled to March 1st due to weather

March 1, 2019 - Several years ago, Dianne was diagnosed with Lymphoma (Cancer). Treatments went well and the cancer went into remission. Dianne also has scoliosis. In January of 2019 Dianne was sent by a doctor to Houston for emergency surgery on her back. A tumor had grown and had her spine bent so badly that the spine cracked. If surgery was not done Dianne would be paralyzed. The Lymphoma had spread and the back doctor had to release Dianne from the back surgery before her doctor could begin treatments on the Cancer. There have been many complications and expenses. Dianne is a member of Providence Missionary Baptist church.

We are holding a bake sale on the parking lot of Napa on Friday, March 1, 2019 from 9:00 – 2:00. Benefits and Resale will be taking donations and selling those donations for Dianne on Friday and Saturday, March 1, and 2. Benefits and Resale for area medical expenses is located on Hwy 96N. From Center to Tenaha, one mile on the left.

All donations from the Bake sale and the items donated for Dianne will go to Dianne to help with expenses.

Contact Regina Danley and Catherine Livingston at (936) 332-0060.