Benefit Sale, Bake Sale for Family of Pam Frazier and Brandi Garza

July 31, 2018 - A Benefit Sale and Bake sale for the family of Pam Frazier and Brandi (Ellis) Garza is August 3rd from 9:00 to 12:00noon.

The sale is located ½ miles on the right on Hwy 7 West from Center to Nacogdoches at the Storage buildings. Contact Catherine Livingston, text or call 936-332-0060.

Donations and volunteers are welcome.

Pam Frazier is 74 years old and has worked around Center in The Floral Design Industry and originally opened the flower shop inside Brookshire’s. She’s been very active in Eastern Star for 50 years. Pam is a grandmother to 9 and a great-grandmother to 8. She loves family, God, and helping others. She had been sick with stomach issues and on Monday, July 2nd we got her to Center ER, where they told us she had colon cancer and they were transferring her immediately to Nacogdoches, because it was bad. Upon arrival in Nacogdoches, the Doctors found a complete blockage. Pam needed surgery immediately, but she takes blood thinners, so they had to give her plasma and vitamin K for 24 hours before they could operate. Pam is currently in Nac Med Center, diagnosed with colon cancer, and had been through surgery. Pam is a member of the Methodist church at corner of Arcadia Road and Hurst Street. 

Report from Brandi Garza: I’m also sick, I’ve had breast cancer myself, have Lupus, and now having some lung issues. So I’m going to be with Drs next week, having testing done, and a sleep study done as well. There’s so much going on right now, please pray for us all. Lost most last year when we lost our home. Lost everything in Harvey and came back home. We were going to Pentecostal Church in Joaquin, we are now going one here. It’s so hard for me to get out much, so if I have a good day, it’s going to have to be close. Our family is in need of funds to help fill medications and help with medical costs.