The Birds are Free by Doug Fincher

Doug FincherAugust 17, 2015 - If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” John 8:36

During the seventeen years that Pam and I have fed the birds at our house, we’ve seen some unusual species drop in. The Incas doves (Mexican doves) began nesting here fifteen years ago and are now here in large numbers. A few years ago, a ring-necked turtle dove (a.k.a. “collared dove) eased in one day and nine more were at the feeder the next day.

Three beautiful Zebra Finches stayed with us for over a month last year and a few months ago we awoke to the whistling of a Bob White Quail. Even though we used to hunt them, I never knew that they were ventriloquists. As the male perched ten feet from us, we watched his beak as he “threw his voice” to sound like he was a hundred yards away! It was a real treat to wake up every morning to the whistling of this little bird. He and his mate were here only two weeks before disappearing.

As I glanced out our kitchen window last month, I called out to Pam, “Come quick!” “There’s a parrot at the feeder!” We grabbed our Kaufman Bird Book and found that our visitor was a Peach-faced Lovebird. After nibbling millet for a few minutes, he chirped loudly and flew away. We thought we’d never see him again, but a few days later he was back in with two other lovebirds. We named the first bird “Peachie” and refer to the other pair as “The Twins” since they always perch together as they feed.

Originally from Africa, sizable numbers of these birds have been seen recently around the Phoenix, Arizona area. Were our birds once caged birds? We don’t know. Some have suggested that we put a cage out to see…but we won’t do that. It’s more enjoyable to watch them play freely in the trees above us. We want them to stay free. …We wish all of our birds to be free.

When I was released from the cage of my sin at fourteen years of age, I’ve never desired to be caged again. It’s so wonderful to be free!

I wish everyone was.

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