A Birthday Celebration to Remember

August 7, 2020 - On this Tuesday morning, August 4, 2020, my sleep was interrupted with a phone call from a family/friend with multiple people on the phone to wish me a Happy Birthday with the birthday song. I eventually brightened up when I heard all the familiar voices and thanked them. I was told to check my text message because something special had been sent to me. After small chit chat, I ended the call and proceeded to the text message. It was a video (with music) of my picture throughout the years with this family. There I was with babies, who have all grown up and now have their own babies almost grown up. This made me realized that I am old (aged). For seventy plus I have been involved with many of their activities, holidays, weddings, reunions, and graduations. After the video, I went to my daily morning ritual of browsing the internet of Facebook and emails. Of course, there were many messages of birthday greetings. A few cards were in the mailbox when I checked that evening. The phone began to ring more and more throughout the day. The question was always, "You are home. Not out celebrating?" Now you know, I'm staying home to stay safe and to stay calm while this pandemic exists. Any other time, I would be out dining with friends, seeing a movie, or just riding around to celebrate. I cooked myself a big breakfast, and later had a swell heated frozen dinner. My best friend drove over to bring me a nice big cinnamon roll with her birthday card. Great day for a birthday and it is one I will remember.

I am not alone. Many people everywhere have gone through this same type of celebration with twist. Many have had drive by celebrations with family and friends driving down the street blowing the horns as they pass the birthday person's home. Others have had virtual parties on ZOOM, Messenger, or other social media. That day will always be remembered as well. How long will this exist? No one knows for sure. One thing we know for sure is we have to accept it and move on. Or at least try.