Caraway Selected to FCA Heart of a Champion All-Star Game by Cooper Ward

April 10, 2015 - The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Heart of a Champion All-Star game is for senior high school football players nominated by their coaches. Robert Bardin is the Area Director of FCA in Northeast Texas. According to Bardin, the purpose of the game is centered around three things: To bring glory to God, to share about the ministry of FCA, and to highlight the coaches and athletes in the area. He also added, “In addition to being on our campuses, FCA also focuses its’ ministry to and through coaches, camps, and in the community with select and travel teams.”

The 2015 football game will feature 18 coaches, 100 football players, and 16 cheerleaders from roughly 55 different high schools. “Some of the All-Stars who have played in the game see the opportunity as one more chance to strap on the pads in order to play the game they love,” Bardin said.

Last year, Coach Terry Ward was selected by the committee to be an assistant coach for the red squad, and J.R. Hill was drafted to play as well. This year Coach Ward has been asked to be the Head Coach of the Blue Team. Tenaha senior Cobe Caraway was selected as a running back.

When asked how he felt about getting drafted, Caraway replied, “I feel really good because I know I have talent, so I want to show people I know how to use it!”

The game will showcase all of the talents that these players have. Coach Ward stated, “We will incorporate the Tenaha playbook with a few changes. That means Cobe will have to start lifting weights, get back in shape, and start doing drills”.

The coaches and players already met in Tyler last month. “I loved getting to meet the coaches and fellow teammates.” Caraway said.

A banquet for the coaches and the players’ families was held Monday, April 6th in Tyler. Coach Josh Furlow, Kevin Cates, and Jeremy Parker will also be a part of the coaching staff, along with Jonathon Vick. The coaches and athletes will be together from June 10th through the 13th in Tyler for practice, fellowship, and fun. The game will be held Friday, June 13th in Longview at Lobo Stadium.