Center FD Fights House Fires in Mt. Gillion, CR 4240

August 7, 2018 - Center Fire Department (CFD) was dispatched to a house fire July 27, 2018 on CR 1465 at 5:15am in Mt. Gillion. 

When the firemen arrived at the mobile home residence, owned by Levi Bell, it was engulfed in flames and had mostly burned to the ground. 

The firemen extinguished flames surrounding the structure and prevented further spread. The house was a total loss and the cause is not known at this time. 

The firemen returned to the station at 7:30am.

On the following morning, July 28, 2018, at 6:55am CFD firemen were dispatched to assist Tenaha VFD in fighting a house fire on CR 4240 at the residence of Doug Dobos. 

According to CFD Fire Chief Keith Byndom, the fire was contained to a front room area.

Firemen returned to the station at 9am.