Center High School Scholarship Awards for Class of 2021

May 17, 2021 - Center High School Scholarship Awards for the Class of 2021 are as follows:

Center ISD appreciates the generous support provided to members of the Class of 2021 and joins with both the students and their families in expressing our thanks!

Military Service
US Army – Corbyn Olivas
US Marines – Camden Hughes, Osvaldo Guevara, Miguel Vasquez, Andrew Valadez

Bone Hill Foundation
Jake Liker, Kristen Orsak, Stefany Moreno, Tatum Mettauer, Maria Alvarado, Kennedy Bush, Camryn Crouch, Andrea Morales, Alyssa White, Jack C. Watlington, Jase Bird, Leonardo Alvarado, Jesus Bustos, Autumn Hughes, Higinio Zamarron, Kira Windham, Aidan Hagler, Taylor Horton, Garren Dubea, Leonardo Ariza, Abigail Cooper, Hunter Rowland, Cale Henson, Melony Reyes, Katelyn Duvon, Elizabeth Bustos, Emmanuel Chavez, Susan Jimenez, Aryah Turner, Jayla Moore, Amiyah Williams, Monica Sandiego, Kimberly Campos, Waybelon Gomez, Tianna Williams, Oderay Figeroa, Eric Mendoza, Zachary Denby, Arturo Hernandez, Alexa Morales, Kaitlin Williams, Jose Sanchez, Allison Jones, Marques Hall, and Shianne Shofner

East Texas Communities Foundation 
Betty and Roy Erickson Scholarship – Cecily Gibson and Joshua Clark
David G. and Jacqueline M. Braithwaite Scholarship – Angel Garcia
John R. Harris Scholarship – Kristen Orsak, Baileigh Barrera, and Angel Garcia
Heritage Achievement Foundation – Baileigh Barrera

Roughrider Scholarship Foundation
Shelby Co. Bass Anglers in memory of Norris Askew – Ian Boone
In memory of Tonya Bailey – Lanie Hooks
In memory of Terry and Pam Bailey – Kennedy Bush
In memory of Mitchell Bailey – Corbyn Olivas
In memory of Pam Baldwin – Taylor Horton
CHS Band Pride of Shelby County – Zacorie Thompson
CHS Band in honor of Doice Granat – Jakaden Nash
CHS Band in honor of James “Jim: Jones – Elias Perez
CHS Band in honor of the 2016 Anniversary Band – Katrina Contreras
CHS Band in memory of Byron McDaniel – Adrian Huerta
CHS Band in honor of Gerald Fagan – Abigail Cooper
CHS Band in memory of Dean Stewart – Monica Sandiego
In memory of Bo Barbe – Hunter Rowland
In memory of Brent Barr – Garren Dubea
In memory of Gene Biddle – Tianna Williams
In memory of Earl Biggers – Higinio Zamarron
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Boles – Alyssa White
In memory of Gene Borders – Baileigh Barrera
In memory of Carolyn Irish Bourque – Aryah Turner
In memory of Billy G. Bridges, Sr. – Cale Henson
In memory of Lewis & Johnnie Brown – Jacob Liker
In memory of Homer Bryce – Zac Denby
In memory of Pat Buddin – Secoya Barnes
In memory of Stanley Burgay (SC Bass Anglers) – Kira Windham
In memory of Jon, Misty & Macy Bush – Ella Shires
In memory of Cody Bush – Aidan Hagler
In memory of Mac & Mattie Lou Bussey – Waybelon Gomez
In memory of Lucretia Bussey – Andrew Valadez
In memory of Morris D. Cammack – Jesus Bustos
In honor of James & Mona Campbell – Isabel Soto
In honor of Center Youth Baseball – Jase Bird
In memory of Andrew “Andy”Chance – Shianne Shofner
In honor of CHS DECA Club – Roderick Gardner
In honor of the Class of 1940 – Jamiah Jackson
In honor of the Class of 1941 – Jamal Moore
In honor of the Class of 1956 – Dreyven Emerson
In honor of the Class of 1957 – Acevious Fields
In honor of the Class of 1960 – Lizbeth Camacho
In honor of the Class of 1977 – Malaney Cooper
In honor of the Class of 1981 - Chloe Eaves
In honor of the CocaCola (Nac) Bottling Company – Jayla Moore
In memory of Rayford and Margaret Copelin – Susana Jimenez
In memory of Jason Covington (Class of 1980) – Kaitlin Williams
In memory of DeSkyshen Crockett (Class of 2020) – Marques Hall
In memory of Gail Cuculic and honor of Janie Cuculic – DeKylin Hoyt
In honor of The Cuculic Kids – Thaw Say
In memory of Gail and Toopie Cuculic – DeAsijah Ikner
In memory of Gail Cuculic – Joshua Clark
In memory of Carlton & Hulon Dance – Tatum Mettauer
In memory of Mr. & Mrs. W.I. Davis, Sr. – Keshun Hoyt
In memory of Mattie Dellinger – Jacqueline Gonzalez
In memory of Clint Donnan and Clay Donnan – Stephany Morales
In honor of Farmers State Bank – Alvaro Lopez
In memory of Danny Clint Fenton – Thomas “Cam” Lee
In memory of Tolbert Foster – Franuel Araujo
In honor of Carlos & Cathy Fox in memory of Ted Fox – Maria Alvarado
In memory of Jamie Campbell Gamble – Jumarcus McCollister
In honor of General Shelters – Trinity Moore
In memory of James and honor of Becky Greer – Eric Mendoza
In memory of James Greer – Colton Crawford
In honor of John D. Griffin – Alexa Morales
In honor of Hallmark/Center Fixture Operations – Autumn Hughes
In memory of Inez Alford & James E. Harper – Fabian Gonzalez
In memory of Bridges & Maggie Harris – Ariadna Hernandez
In memory of John Alvis Howard – Emmanuel Chavez
In honor of Becky Yarborough Jeans – Makenzie Mireles
In memory of Mitchell Jetton (family) – Andrea Morales
In memory of Mitchell Jetton (Lions Club) – Kimberly Campos
In memory of Virginia Jetton – Jakayla Parks
In memory of Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Jones – Leonardo Alvarado
In memory of Lexi Jones – Amiyah Williams
In honor of Ray Jones Chevrolet and Center Motor Company – Collin Jones
In honor of Bruce Koonce (SC Bass Anglers) – Leonardo Ariza
In memory of Patricia Kay Lawrence – Camryn Crouch
In memory of Bobby Lee – Victoria Lee
In memory of Gilbert Link – Luis Gonzalez
In honor of the Center Noon Lions Club – Oderay Figueroa
In honor of William “Bill” Lloyd – Baylee Etue
In memory of Gregory Mack Luman (Class of 1980) – Corben Odom
In memory of Dr. Victor & Wava Mathews – Tania Suaste
In memory of James Roscoe & Evie Lee McSwain – Hunter McSwain
In memory of Melvin M. Miller – Sydney Haley
In honor of F.L. Moffett Primary School – Alexis Truitt
In memory of F.L. Moffett – Jermaine Preston
In memory of Clyde Monroe – Alexandria Patton
In honor of McNeil and memory of Bonnie Moore – Angel Garcia
In memory of Luke “Jack” Motley, Jr. – Ivan Jimenez
In memory of F.E. Parker – Rachel Parra
In memory of Vance Payne – Cecily Gibson
In memory of Catherine Pinkston – Kristen Orsak
In memory of Bobby Pinkston – Jose Sanchez
In memory of Mann Pinkston – Kayshia Evans
In memory of Bob & Mildred Pinkston – Tyonah Evans
In memory of Army Spc. Larry E. Polley – Keomodre Horace
In honor of PortACool – Jose Hernandez
In memory of Walter Rainbolt, Jr. – Maria Saenz
In memory of Minnie Jewel Thomas Rogers – Alexis Garcia
In honor of the Center Rotary Club – LaCorey buckley
In memory of C.P. (Prentice) & Daliah Sanders – Lizbeth Florencio
In memory of Ken Sanders (Class of 1981) – Benjamin Garcia
In memory of Requanah Santifer – Channing Daniels, Jr.
In honor of Shelby Savings Bank – Jairo Gonzalez
In memory of Jermichael Rashard Smith – Greg Hubbard, II
In memory of David Specter – Zachary Massey
In memory of Julian & Rena Taylor – Katelyn Duvon
In memory of Davis Kain Tillotson (Class of 2009) – Allison Jones
In honor of Tyson Foods – Kymbreon Reed
In memory of Kathryn Vaughn – Dayden Davis
In memory of Dolorse Ann Walker (Class of 1954) – Martha Bailey
In honor of Cecil W. & Virginia Watlington – Jack Callen Watlington
In memory of Joy Ellington Weaver – Chloe Etue
In memory of Martin Weaver – Macy Jarvey
In memory of Clint Weaver – Jonathan Hernandez
In memory of Darren Wilson – Arturo Hernandez
In memory of Roy & Wilma Woolley – La’Kasia Lister
In honor of Fred Wulf – Christian Valencia


Angelina College – JaKayla Parks

Houston Baptist University: Legacy Scholarship – Thaw Say

Louisiana College
La’Corey Buckley: Wildcat Scholarship and Out-of-State Grant
Jumarcus McCollister: Shaeffer Award, Wildcat Scholarship, Out-of-State Award 

Panola College
Presidential – Angel Garcia
Leadership – Tania Suaste, Trinity Moore, Kimberly Campos, Waybelon Gomez, Martha Bailey, Jacqueline Gonzalez, Sydnee Haley, Luis Gonzalez, and Ivan Jimenez
Band – Higinio Zamarron, Stefany Moreno, Jose Sanchez, Jeremiah Gregg, Alexis Truitt, Karina Contreras, Alvaro Lopez, and Jacqueline Gonzalez
James Gregory Cooper Memorial – Aidan Hagler
Gene & Brenda Giles/Dean & Cindy Giles Scholarship – Alyssa White
Lillie Antee Hayes Memorial – De’Asijah Ikner
Steve Byron Walker Jr. Memorial – Channing Daniels, II
Bone Hill Foundation – Camryn Crouch and Leonardo Ariza

Texas A & M University
Texas Aggie Scholarship – Katelyn Duvon and Kristen Orsak
Opportunity Award – Kristen Orsak

Stephen F. Austin State University
Academic Excellence Distinguished HS, Newlyn Cordell Stephens, Lumberjack Grant – Baileigh Barrera
Achievement Scholarship Distinguished HS - Leonardo Ariza, Jae Bird, Kayden Davis, Garren Dubea, Katelyn Duvon, Aidan Hagler, Cale Henson, Taylor Horton, Autumn Hughes, Jacob Liker, Hunter Rowland, Kaitlin Williams, Kira Windham, and Higinio Zamarron

Texas State UniversityMerit Scholarship: Kaitlin Williams

University of Texas Austin UT Award – Cecily Gibson

University of Texas at Tyler Academic Excellence – Allison Jones

Shelby County Aggie Moms’ Club – Kennedy Bush, Katelyn Duvon, Tatum Mettauer, Kristen Orsak, and Jack Callen Watlington

Texas Ex-Students Assoc. Shelby County Chapter: Joshua Clark, Cecily Gipson, and Ella Shires

University of Texas at Tyler: Bone Hill – Thomas “Cam” Lee

Dr. Joe B. Hooker Memorial – Aidan Hagler
Darren Wilson Golf – Collin Jones
Jackie & Reba Watlington – Jack Callen Watlington

General Scholarships
Association for Compensatory Education – Melony Reyes
CHS Band Boosters – Aria Alvarado, Elizabeth Bustos, Joshua Clark, Kayden Davis, Autumn Hughes, Stephany Moreno, Alexis Truitt, and Higinio Zamarron
CISD Employee – Cale Henson, Autumn Hughes, Cecily Gibson, Kaitlin Williams, Oderay Figueroa, Lanie Hooks, Isabel Soto, Camryn Crouch, Jase Bird, Dristen Orsak, Zachary Massey, Aryah Turner, Luis Gonzalez, Sydnee Hayley, Elizabeth Bustos, Jesus Bustos, Aidan Hagler, Ian Boone, Benjamin Garcia, and Jack Callen Watlington
Non CHS grads: Branon Love, Kaeli Parker, and Booklinn Penning
CHS Spanish Club – Maria Alvarado, Susan Jimenez, Stefany Moreno, Elizabeth Bustos, Leonardo Alvarado, Thaw Say, and Jacqueline Gonzalez
Shelby County Cruisers – Eric Mendoza
Deep East Texas Umpire Assoc. – Taylor Horton and Tatum Mettauer
Jackson Missionary Baptist Church – Autumn Hughes
Shelby County Friends of Go Texan – Jase Bird, Kennedy Bush, Garren Dubea, Cecily Gibson, Jacob Liker, and Tatum Mettauer
Area Go Texan – Baileigh Barrera
PortACool – Stefany Moreno
Citizens Bank – Jayla Moore, Amiyah Williams, Waybelon Gomez, Martha Bailey, Lanie Hooks, and Greg Hubbard, II
Daughters of the Republic of Texas: William Carroll Crawford Chapter – Kaitlin Williams
Deep East Texas Electric Cooperative – Baileigh Barrera, Jase Bird, Zachary Denby, Garren Dubea, Angel Garcia, Aidan Hagler, Lanie Hooks, Andrea Morales, Stefany Moreno, and Kristen Orsak
Shelby County Farm Bureau – Camryn Crouch, Kennedy Bush, and Hunter McSwain
Mangum Funeral Home – DeKylin Hoyt
Farmers State Bank – Kristen Orsak
Rotary Club of Center – Cecily Gibson, Ella Shires, Kristen Orsak, Kennedy Bush, and Jacob Liker
Shelby Savings Bank – Shianne Shofner, Joshua Clark, and Camryn Crouch
Woodman Lodge #250 – Jack Callen Watlington, Hunter McSwain, and Katelyn Duvon
Sam Samford Lodge #149 – Kaitlin Williams and Katelyn Duvon
Center Noon Lions Club – Tatum Mettauer
General Shelters – Stefany Moreno
Shelby County Bass Anglers – Angel Garcia
Watling & Shires Productions – Eric Mendoza