Center HS Varsity Tennis Busy Getting Ready For District

March 4, 2015 - The Center High School Varsity Tennis team has been extremely busy getting ready for District in a few weeks. Two weeks ago, they participated in Kilgore and finished 4th overall out of 16 teams.

Coach Dykes explains, "The teams were comprised of mostly 4A and 5A schools.” Participants in each bracket earned points for their team toward the overall standings.

Results for Center were as follows:

  • Girls Singles B - Megan Dunn (2nd Place)
  • Girls Singles A - Whitlee Reed (5th Place)
  • Boys Doubles A - Adam Reeves/Alec Lucas (3rd Place), Chris Dunn/Kamden Lucas (Won Consolation Bracket)
  • Girls Doubles A - Malory Nehring/Julie Garcia (Won Consolation Bracket)
  • Girls Doubles B - Faith Lengl/Rylee Hudspeth (4th Place)
  • Boys Singles A - Zack Fausett (13th Place)
  • Boys Singles B - Nate Morris (11th Place)
  • Mixed Doubles A - Sheridan Cassell/Dustin Bennett (7th Place)
  • Mixed Doubles B - Allison Langford/Tony Garcia (3rd Place)

Last week, the team continued their march to District in the Nacogdoches tournament. In another tough set of matches, the Riders fared well as follows:

  • Boys doubles: Adam Reeves / Alec Lucas - 1st place, Zack Fausett / Nate Morris - 4th place
  • Girls doubles: Faith Lengl / Rylee Hudspeth - 2nd place, Malory Nehring / Julie Garcia - 1st in consolation (1st round loss bracket)
  • Mixed doubles: Tony Garcia / Allison Langford - 2nd place, Sheridan Cassell / Dustin Bennett - 3rd place
  • Girls singles: Whitlee Reed - quarterfinalist, Emma Locke - quarterfinalist
  • Boys singles: Kamden Lucas - quarterfinalist, Joel Martinez - did not place

The Riders will play tough competition again going into Spring Break on Friday, March 6th in Corsicana.