Center Intermediate School Principal Hagler Kisses Horse




April 6, 2016 - It recently was time again for what has become an annual competition at Center Intermediate School. This year the competition between the 4th graders and 5th graders was which class of students could sell the most cookie dough. As has become tradition, each grade is represented by a member of the administrative staff of the school who, if the class they represent does not meet their goal, has to kiss a member of the livestock community. What has also proven to be tradition is, Principal Heath Hagler has had to kiss, on three separate occasions, two pigs and a horse.

Students from the 4th grade and 5th grade gathered outside the school gymnasium at Center ISD Intermediate School in preparation for the event on March 28, 2016. Hagler represented the 4th grade and the 5th grade was represented by Tracy Bolton, At Risk Coordinator. Bolton proudly led the event as he once again was not required to plant a "wet one" on a squealing or neighing beast. He in fact was the head cheerleader of the event and was able, with the assistance of a loudspeaker, to influence the students to chant "kiss the horse."

Principal Hagler, good sport that he is, approached "Blacky" the horse and his owner Beth Nichols, wooed the horse with a bucket of grain and proceeded to place a kiss on the horses nose to the delight of all students present.

Mr. Bolton wanted it to be known to all, he has won this competition three years in a row which has resulted in Hagler having to pay up, and this year he had to kiss a horse.

Take a look at the last time Principal Hagler had to kiss a pig by viewing the related video below.



#CenterISD Intermediate School Principal Heath Hagler kisses a pig for a school fundraiser as kids chant their encouragement - See the video here on #ShelbyCountyToday

Posted by Shelby County Today on Friday, January 30, 2015