Center Motor Company Celebrates Grand Opening, 25th Anniversary

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Posted by Shelby County Today on Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 7, 2016 - Members of the community, business owners and the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce were present for the long-awaited grand opening of Center Motor Company at its new location on Hurst Street in Center.

Pam Phelps, Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, welcomed everyone to the event and introduced Center Motor Company owner Ray Jones.

"Center Motor Company has been a pillar of the community and has been in business for 65 years," said Phelps. "That's one amazing thing to start with, the other thing is look at this facility, who would have ever thunk it? It's just absolutely gorgeous and beautiful, and the service continues that this company has been well known for many years."

Jones thanked everyone for being at the event and was glad to see many of them return. He expressed appreciation to the customers for enduring the business' move to its new location and what he said was maybe not as good of service during that time.

"I think it's going to be well worth it, you know, everybody's going to be able to do business with us in a little more comfort, if they want to," said Jones.

He thanked many for their assistance in the endeavor including Chad Nehring, City of Center Manager; David Chadwick, Center Mayor; Center City Council; Center Economic Development Corporation, including Jim Gibson; Farmers State Bank including Mark Leach and Neilson Davis; Shelby Savings Bank representatives for their presence; Ford Motor Credit Company, Jody Thomas; Scott Lauer, Market Representation Manager; Larry Gach, Houston Regional Sales Manager; Bob Stinson, Construction Manager.

Jones remarked several of his brothers and sisters were present for the event as well.

Meg Camp, President of the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors, spoke with Jones on behalf of the ambassadors. She thanked him for inviting everyone to the business' great occasion, stated it was very good for Center.

Larry Gach, Houston Regional Sales Manager, then made a presentation to the Jones family, "Normally I get to do these events and they're very exciting, but really, we're combining two major events today which is really unique," said Gach. "We might be a little bit late on the 25th anniversary, which is what the plaque's all about, since it happened about 11 months ago, but never too late to celebrate it. Of course the other major, major thing obviously is the facility."

Gach stated how the new facility means a great deal to the community, Ford Motor Company and Lincoln Motor Company. He stated how thrilled they are about how well the facility finished out. Gach then delivered a letter from David Mondragon, Ford Motor Company Executive Director of U.S. Sales. In recognition of the business being an authorized dealer for 25 years, this was followed by Gach presenting Center Motor Company with a 25-year plaque and a 25-year pin to Jones.

"The final thing I want to say is, the investment in the community and the facility is indicative of a a lot of things we're doing at the Ford Motor Company as well, as we continue to invest in our products," said Gach.

Anyone interested in visiting the new facility, or in the market for a new vehicle can find Center Motor Company at its new address, 816 Hurst Street in Center. For additional inquiries contact the business by calling 936-598-3361.

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