Center MS Awards Day, JCC Top Volunteers

Skylar and De'Marshea along with Mr. Henson.

June 7, 2018 - Center Middle School held annual end-of-the-year Awards Day May 23, 2018. Three prestigious awards handed out were two Principal's Awards and the Lyndon Jobe Award. Principal Jake Henson gave the Principal's Award to two very outstanding eighth grade students, De'Marshea Patton and Skylar Causey.

Mr. Henson says, "Skylar is involved in many activities such as BETA, athletics, band, UIL, JCC and cheer. She also maintains a high GPA. Her tremendously infectious attitude sets her apart and she is a friend to all. Skylar is always willing to lend a hand and never backs down from a challenge.

DeMarshea is also involved in many activities such as band, athletics, UIL and JCC. He has enjoyed success because of the hard work he puts into everything he attempts. He is a true friend to everyone he meets and is always smiling and talking to anyone passing by. He meets everyone with a big infectious smile that will not only get him through the tough times but will also help those around him through tough times as well. 

Skylar and De'Marshea have made us proud and we cannot see what they accomplish in the future.

Eric Rojas and Mr. Henson

The Lyndon Jobe Award is given to one student who has shown tremendous growth in and out of the classroom during his/her years at CMS. This year, Mr. Henson is proud of this year's recipient Eric Rojas.

JCC Top Volunteers

Thu Paw, Aracely Perez, and Obed Lopez

These three 8th grade Junior Chamber of Commerce (JCC) members were the top volunteers for the 2017-2018 school year. Center Middle School JCC members earned over 800 volunteer hours this year. The top three volunteers were Thu Paw, Aracely Perez and Obed Lopez.

JCC Sponsor is Gladys Andrews.