Center Police Lieutenant Recovers Stolen Vehicle

January 7, 2015 - While on patrol, Center Police Lt. Jeremy Bittick observed a silver 1998 Dodge pickup on January 6, 2015 at approx. 3:10pm, on the side of the roadway on Old Neuville Rd. The vehicle was just outside of the Center City Limits.

The vehicle appeared to have been sitting for several days. It was parked in a conspicuous manner, away from any buildings or residences. Out of suspicion, Lt. Bittick ran the License Plate (80VDV5) through dispatch for confirmation on any possible reports on the vehicle. The vehicle return came back as stolen out of Smith County, Texas.

Lt. Bittick called for CID Detectives for an initial investigation. Detectives Stephen Stroud and David Haley arrived at the scene at approximately 3:20pm and called for a wrecker.

Sgt. Duane Gordon arrived on scene and completed an inventory of the vehicle. Joey Ross Wrecker Service arrived at the scene at approx. 3:28pm with a roll-back wrecker and transported the vehicle to the Center Police Department where it is being held for further investigation by Smith County.