Center Receives Comptroller Transparency Award

February 13, 2015 - The City of Center is excited to announce that it has joined the ranks of less than 100 proactive Texas cities in the Texas Comptroller’s Leadership Circle, a group of cities committed to financial transparency. “For me financial transparency means that we have nothing to hide,” explained Center Mayor David Chadwick. “We are honored to be included in such company as Dallas, Houston, Austin and to be one of the smaller Texas local governments to reach the highest level.” The transparency award ranges from Bronze to Platinum. For more information about the Leadership Circle, visit

“City staff created a financial transparency webpage which has all sorts of information on the annual budgets, audits, contact information, check registers, charts and graphs. It truly is a one-stop shop for anyone wishing to learn more about how the City of Center operates.” Chadwick continued, “We hope that residents will visit the financial transparency page from our website

“For the past few years, City staff has worked very hard to present more information to the Council and public in an understandable format, whether that be in the budget or website,” reported Center City Manager Chad Nehring. “This is the first step in being recognized in these efforts.”