Center Roughrider Team Tennis District Champs

October 3, 2018 - The Center Tennis Team swat the Hudson Hornets with 19 match wins to 0 (25-0 with extra matches played). This will improve the Riders record to 9-2 and clinch the District Championship.

The playoffs are set to begin with BiDistrict on October 15 vs Rusk. Center, Tennis 

Seniors:  Keaton Watlington, Mauricio Rojas-Solis, Juan Gonzalez, Katie Nehring, Maddie Russell and Caitlyn Basham.
Juniors:  Alec Dykes, Keelan Williams, Caroline Scull, Taylor Burch and Mallory Fausett.
Sophomores: Jack Callen Watlington and  Collin Jones
Freshmen: Emilee Elliott, Sarah Scull, Ian Williams, Levi Rodriguez and Lance Holloway

Thank you and Go Riders!!!!