Cherokee County Whizbang Shoot Results

April 27, 2015 - The Cherokee County Whizbang was held at Rose City Flying Clays in Tyler on Saturday, April 25. It was a beautiful day for shooting clays. Shelby County 4h shooters had thirteen kids participate in the shoot. They were Wade Baty, Konner Windham, Nic Lambert, Logan Holloway, Lance Holloway, Jacob Cox, Colton Gutermuth, Mathew Borders, Seth Shamblin, Cole McDaniel, Tucker Scarber, Hagan Craig, and Kutter Milford.

Novice I
Skeet - Hagan Craig (1st place)
Trap - Hagan Craig (1st place)
Sporting Clays - Hagan Craig (1st place)

Novice II
Skeet - Kutter Milford (2nd place)
Trap - Kutter Milford (3rd place)
Sporting Clays - Kutter Milford (1st place)

Skeet - Seth Shamblin (1st place)
Trap - Seth Shamblin (1st place), Cole McDaniel (4th place)
Whizbang - Seth Shamblin (1st place), Cole McDaniel (5th place)
Sporting Clays - Seth Shamblin (1st place)
Junior HOA (High Over All) - Seth Shamblin

Skeet - Logan Holloway (1st place), Lance Holloway (3rd place), Colton Gutermuth 4th
Trap - Logan Holloway (2nd place), Lance Holloway (4th place)
Whizbang - Logan Holloway (2nd place)
Sporting Clays - Logan Holloway (1st place), Lance Holloway (3rd place)
Intermediate HOA (High Over All) - Logan Holloway

Senior I
Skeet - Konner Windham (5th place)
Trap - Nic Lambert (2nd place), Konner Windham (4th place)
Whizbang - Nic Lambert (3rd place)
Sporting Clays - Konner Windham (5th place)

Senior II
Trap - Wade Baty (4th place)
Team Event - John Holloway & Logan Holloway (2nd place)
Pictured: Seth Shamblin, Lance Holloway, Kutter Milford, Hagan Craig, Cole McDaniel, Colton Gutermuth, Konner Windham, Logan Holloway, Nic Lambert, and John H. Holloway

We would like to say Congratulations to these individuals on a job well done.
When you see these kids, please congratulate them on a job well done representing Shelby County. If you are interested in 4-H, or know of anyone that is, please call us. We can be reached at 936-598-7744.