CHS Alumni Association 2019 Homecoming Calendar (Updated)

October 11, 2019 - Annual Center HS Alumni Association Homecoming Weekend and Hall of Honor Award ceremony.

Below is the Homecoming calendar:

  • CHS Homecoming Pep Rally – will be Friday, October 11 at 3pm in the CHS Gym.
  • CHS Homecoming Game – will be Friday, October 11 at 7:30pm vs. Tarkington.
  • CHS Annual Alumni Association Meeting – will be Saturday, October 12 at the Windham Civic Center. Doors open 9am, meeting is from 10-11am. Hall of Honor Award will be presented during the meeting.
  • ***CHS Homecoming Parade – will be Saturday, October 12 at 4pm at the Center High School (participants line up at Center Elementary School). More details at Center Homecoming Parade Rerouted Due to Construction

For more information or to contact us: