Cities, Schools Prepare for May Elections

April 7, 2015 - Cities and schools in Shelby County are preparing for elections of council and schoolboard members in the May 9, 2015 election. The first day of early voting is April 28, 2015 and the last day for early voting is May 5, 2015.

City of Joaquin (Submitted by Amanda Willey) - Ms. Pat Gray and Mr. Bill Baker are both running for Mayor. Our two at large City Council positions are being sought by Ms. Lee Vern Stotts Gilliam (Incumbent), Mr. Mike Adkinson (Incumbent), and Mr. Joe Long. Polling will take place at 124 N. Preston Street Joaquin, Texas which is City Hall.

City of Timpson (Submitted by Barbara Hunt) - The following candidates signed up by the February 27th deadline for a place on the ballot for three (3) council member positions: Kenneth Walker, Linda Hancock, George Grace (Incumbent), Kyle Allen (Incumbent), Janell Baker (Incumbent).

City of Tenaha - 3 positions - Claudine Howard (Incumbent), Michael Baker (Incumbent), Larry Terry (Incumbent), Natalie Harris.

Shelbyville ISD (Submitted by Debbie Gilchrist) The polling place will be the Shelbyville ISD Board Room, including early voting. Candidates are: Chris Koltonski, Etola Jones, Clint Norton, Latashia Thompson, Brad Hinton, Joe Tom Schillings. Etola Jones and Joe T. Schillings are incumbents. (2 positions open)

Tenaha ISD (Submitted by Brenda Lucas) 3 positions - Bo Morris (Incumbent), Robert Barton (Incumbent), David Fallin, Joe Anderson, Korey McClure.

Timpson ISD - 3 positions - Linda Fraizer Todd, Dannie Hunt (I), Carlos Johnson, Jim Rader (Not running Tracy Hooper and Beth Tipton)

Joaquin ISD - 2 positions - Maggie Bowdin, Tom Harvey, Ronnie Belrose (Incumbent), and Jay Wilson. Not running is Luke Garrett.