City of Center Water Supply Update

February 18, 2021 - Unfortunately, our water system succumbed to the amount of water lost to leaks and consistent running faucets. Despite repairs of all known system leaks by midday Wednesday, reported customer leaks have been at unprecedented levels since Tuesday and still continue. Most people in the city began experiencing lower pressure and limited water yesterday afternoon requiring a system-wide boil water notice.

Freezing temperatures helped mask and stop leaks initially. Now that we've had periods of thawing out slightly, leaks are clearly generating major problems. Our water department has been working daily to locate system line issues and repair all that have been identified.  Due to leaks at private homes and businesses, the system is unable to keep up with the demand. From system demand yesterday, it appears there remain MAJOR issues with leaks at private homes and businesses.

Our staff is currently working to ensure supply to town from both water treatment plants and continuing to investigate any locations of possible system leaks.  As we begin to re-establish our water supply, it is imperative that citizens locate leaks at their homes and businesses and either make repairs, turn the water off at building cutoff valves or contact the City to disconnect the meter temporarily.  Please help by identifying any leaks so we can get our water levels back up and service restored quickly.

If you locate a leak and have issues turning off your water, call our non-emergency number at 936-598-2941 or after hours at 936-598-4244. We will send someone to temporarily turn off your service at the meter as soon as possible.