City of Huxley Water Supply Outage Update

February 21, 2021 - The Water plant is running 24 hours a day to pump as much water to keep tanks filled as much as possible. Demand is still greater than what the plant can produce. Huxley workers have continued working thru day and night moving water throughout the distribution system as tank levels allow. Areas still without water include - Rodgers Harbor Subdivision, Shelby Beach, Rolling Hills, CR 2450, FM 2694 Bolesfield, English Bay, Ragtown FM 3184, Brinsons Marina, FM 2747, Possum Trot, New Harmony, and Oakdale Communities.

Please continue to be patient with Huxley personnel as we are doing everything we can to restore water service as quick as possible. This could take several more days for the outer reaching areas. We have contacted the County and have ordered emergency rations from the State as soon as these are delivered we will notify our customs.

As always, please continue to check your pipes for leaks. If you have a water emergency please contact us at (936)368-2377. We are very limited in personnel but will respond as soon as possible. Thank you.